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The phoenix is reborn from the ashes, as this project that is taken over by Mauro Perfettibile, CEO of Perfettibile® Industries, returning to ply the seas.

Guided by his passion for the sea, Mauro Perfettibile, together with a team of experts, created Perfettibile Industries’ first luxury yacht: La Fenice, a 100% made in Italy product, which stands out among the waters for its unique fire-red design and exposed carbon fibre.

La Fenice - 28"

Motors: 2 Mercury 200hp each.

Colors: Exposed carbon fibre, flaming red, black details.

Colors variants: Purple-blue-grey-black.

Technical details:

Length: 8,78 m

Height: 2,79 m

Width: 2,54 m

Empty weight: 1.800 Kg

Maximum load (persons + personal effects): 780Kg

HP and Knots: 400HP – 45

Motors: n. 2 outboard (modifications on request)


On-board instrumentation: single display

Interior and Equipment:

The under deck is simply practical. With a large bed in the bow and two different configurations, it offers privacy and comfort. Wooden details and embedded LEDs make for a small, warm and modern ambience.

Accessories and Configurations:

The deck has three different configurations according to need:

Navigation: n. 6 seats

Sunbathing: joined seats with a removable central cushion

With table: adjustable table height and width and comfortable seating


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