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Energy efficiency

Find out how we have transformed our projects and our customers’ needs into eco-efficient realities.

Discover how our high-performance Turbofans technology offers an excellent synergy between energy efficiency and optimum performance.

We have chosen to let our customers talk, to tell you about some of the installations we have implemented that have demonstrated our commitment to providing innovative and sustainable tailor-made solutions to contemporary environmental challenges.

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Save up to 25% on current consumption and achieve optimal performance.


Corteolona (PV)

Energy saving measured: 14%.

Process data under original conditions:

– Qm 42000 kg/h
– ΔT 3,3°C
– Tin: 64°C

The plant in question evaporates 27% water from whey, the Turbofan installed was a traditional type with a 1980 mm effective diameter impeller with 9 curved inverted blades.

The objective of the revamping was to achieve a 10% reduction in the power absorbed during the entire production campaign, which is normally around 30 consecutive hours of operation.

The replacement of the impeller alone therefore allowed us to contain the intervention costs while optimizing the output of the new Turbo Impeller to the maximum.

The consumption monitoring carried out with the new TurboImpeller showed a 14% reduction in electricity consumption with peaks of 20% at the beginning of the campaign.

Buzzi Unicem


Energy saving measured: 8%

Process data under original conditions:

– Qv 84803 m3/h
– Pst 1158 Pa
– Tin 258°C

The fan installed in the cement plant with a traditional forward blade impeller of 2230 mm effective diameter was subject to severe abrasion of the blades and back disc of the impeller, and had major problems with clinker dust accumulation at the impeller inlet. This condition limited the fan’s operation at low speeds due to the strong vibrations.

After CFD analysis of the original operating conditions and verification of the wear points by comparing them with the field measurements, a Turbogenerator was built to meet the plant’s operating requirements.

Analyses carried out on site on the fan with the new TurboImpeller revealed an 8% reduction in electricity consumption.


Castiraga Vidardo

Energy saving measured: 23.5%

Process data under original conditions:

– Qv 83660 m3/h
– Pst 4760 Pa
– Tin 138°C

The fan installed in the flue gas plant was of the traditional type with a 1400 mm effective diameter flat backward blade impeller. The objective of the revamping was to increase the pressure delivered by the fan without increasing the power input.

Starting from the process data and with the help of Perfettibile®’s advanced tools, a new Turbo Impeller was designed that could meet the process data with lower energy consumption and increase the static pressure as requested by the customer.

After the new TurboImpeller was installed inside the existing screw conveyor, the operating data was measured again and the required pressure increase and a 23.5% decrease in energy consumption were found.

Sueco San Prospero


Energy saving detected: 23%

Process data under original conditions:

– Qv 2000 kg/h
– Pst 20150 Pa
– Tin 100°C
– ΔT: 5,2°C

The desulphurization plant used two centrifugal compressors with conventional impellers. Due to bearing failures, a quick and effective solution was needed to restore production.

The PA 3-15-720 R was chosen, featuring a turbo impeller with 15 curved inverted blades. After installation and pipework optimization, the new fans ensured significant energy savings of 23% per plant and reduced the emitted noise.


Save up to 25% on current consumption and achieve optimal performance


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