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The new era of industrial ventilation

Evolving skills and ideas

Founded in 2005, Perfettibile® Industries is making great strides to the present day, establishing itself as Italy’s number one designer and manufacturer of TurboFans and MVR fans.

TurboFans and Turbo Impellers

High-performance turbo technology

TurboFans are rotating machines with mixed-geometry impellers that cover from the operating range of traditional centrifugal fans to the range of centrifugal compressors.

MVR system and TurboFans

Synergy of excellence

The design of our impellers allows us to achieve pressures up to 52kPa and disposed flow up to 150 m3/s. The high quality and reliability of TurboFans allows us to achieve 90% efficiency with a single-stage temperature differential of 9K.


Save up to 25% on current consumption and achieve optimal performance


Our team is available to listen to your requests and propose the best solution for your facility

The phoenix is reborn from the ashes, as this project that is taken over by Mauro Perfettibile, CEO of Perfettibile® Industries, returning to ply the seas