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MVR system and Turbofans

Synergy of excellence

Turbofans redefine efficiency standards in thermal and energy optimization of MVR system plants, offering unparalleled efficiency and fundamental support in energy recovery in the industrial process.

Why choose a Turbofan

for an MVR plant?

Steam is a resource of great importance in industry, especially for the processing of concentrated products.

Of the various systems available, the MVR system establishes itself as the most efficient technique for evaporating water from such products, thus allowing the processed product to be concentrated. This is done through a process of mechanical vapor recompression, which keeps the vapor in a saturated state with the necessary enthalpy for final evaporation.

The use of the MVR system results in a significant reduction in steam production and associated energy costs.

MVR System

Perfettibile ® TurboFans: the heart of the process

The new technology of Perfettibile® TurboFans is the key to the success of reliability, guaranteed performance and eco-sustainability of our products.

The design of our impellers allows us to reach pressures up to 52kPa and flow rate up to 150m3/s.

The high quality and reliability of the Perfettibile® Turbo impellers allow us to achieve an efficiency of 90% with a temperature differential of 9K.

Perfettibile®, first italian company to design and build fans with turbo technology, promotes the continuous research and development of new geometries, that allow to improve more and more the efficiency and reliability of TurboFans with the objective to become undisputed leader to European level in the field of MVR.

Outstanding performance

Our impellers reach pressures of up to 52kPa and flow rates of 150 m3/s, achieving 90% efficiency at 9K temperature difference.

Technological innovation

Italian pioneers in turbofan design, we constantly invest in R&D for advanced geometries, improving efficiency and reliability.


A look into the future

As Perfettibile® Industries we aim to become a European leader in the MVR industry, focusing on innovation and offering more efficient solutions based on cutting-edge technology and continuous research.

Customized performance and excellence

We offer a complete high-efficiency service for your plant: design, production, installation and after-sales support.

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Made-to-measure design

We analyze your plant to identify necessary modifications, selecting the optimum geometry for maximum performance.

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Advanced Modeling

We use CFD fluid dynamic analysis and FEM engineering to create customized Turbofans, meeting specific plant requirements.

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Optimal Efficiency

Thanks to our experience and advanced tools, we guarantee ambitious results and uncompromising efficiency.

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TurboFans and TurboImpellers

High-performance turbo technology

Our Turbofans are designed to withstand extreme conditions and can be customized with specific filters or technologies


Save up to 25% on current consumption and achieve optimal performance


Our team is available to listen to your requests and propose the best solution for your facility