Introduction to the new Technology

The TurboFans are rotating machines with a mixed geometry impeller that properly occupy the operating range of the traditional centrifugal fans up to centrifugal compressors.
Their application allows higher returns with machines of lower dimensions than the traditional fans compared in the same operating point.
In addition to the mechanic resistance, which is 4 times higher compared to impellers of known construction, a further advantage of this new technology is the lowering of sound pressure levels, which are always lower than the traditional fans.


From the design to the installation of a high-efficiency turbofan

Starting from the analysis of known conditions in the plant that the costumer needs to change, a preliminary selection of most suitable geometry for working under such conditions is made.
Once the objective that satisfies costumer’s demands has been determined, we proceed with modeling and CFD fluid dynamic analysis.
Thanks to advanced instruments that Perfettibile® provides for the achievement of the increasingly ambitious goals that are required, our becomes a real tailoring work that allows us to realize, through the complete engineering of FEM analysis, a fan that fits perfectly with the system like a tailor-made dress.


Between known impeller and turboimpeller

Generally, for guaranteeing the high pressures more and more required by the plants, quite always blowers are used with radial or backward curved blades, but also double stages ones.
Given that these types of impellers have structural and performance limits, with the introduction of the new technology it is possible to face up these limits and achieve the required objectives in different environments (high pressure, steam, abrasion, corrosion, etc.).