Our company

All the phases of realization of our projects are carried out with the maximum involvement of the client who is kept constantly updated on the developments, from the design phase up to installation in the plant, of the Turbofans or of the Turbo-impeller.

Our team

Our team was born from the passion and tenacity of its founder Mauro Perfettibile, who has been able to transfer his experience with great enthusiasm, in a new and more innovative reality.

our target is the continuous research and development of new geometries that apply to the specific sector, not only improve the working of the plants during their processing cycle, but significantly lower energy consumption, with a consequent reduction of costs and a better impact on the environment.

Our services

Perfettibile is the first Italian company which approach the Turbomachine world with its own product, obtaining a patent for our high performance centrifugal fan.

The initial purpose of the project allows us to replace a known construction impeller with a Turbo-impeller to increase the efficiency of the fan itself.[READ MORE]

Perfettibile has expert technicians with thirty-years of experience on the field, which give support on our Turbofans and on those from other brands, with the help of latest generation equipment and instrumentation. [READ MORE]